Ian Goldman
  • Ian Goldman
  • President / CEO - Celerant Technology Corp.

"I have known Frank Monteleone professionally for over 10 years and he has represented me in a number of legal matters. In my experience, I have found Frank's legal advice to be extremely astute, well researched and very complete. When matters required more specific legal disciplines, I have received excellent referrals and advice towards that end. In general, I have always felt confident that regardless of the legal circumstance, I would always get the proper advice or assistance to protect my company. Since I have always chosen to follow that advice, I have not yet been disappointed."

Joseph Pravato
  • Joseph Pravato
  • President - Colony Electric Company, Inc.

"Frank Monteleone’s services were required in handling a business matter. After an initial consultation to discuss specifics, a clear, detailed plan for the course of action to be taken was presented. It was a pleasure to deal with Mr. Monteleone’s office - always getting a timely response. With his expertise and professionalism the matter was resolved as planned. I was completely satisfied and would highly recommend Frank Monteleone."

Barry Silberzweig
  • Barry Silberzweig
  • Principal and Founder - Brainfuse.com

"I enthusiastically recommend Frank Monteleone as an outstanding attorney. Frank has assisted me with a variety of litigation matters and consistently has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and intelligence. He is extremely diligent and highly ethical and puts the interests of his clients first. Additionally, Frank is an extremely cost-effective option for small and large litigations. He offers small firm fees, while providing the types of legal services ordinarily reserved for larger firms with greater resources. Frank is highly responsive; he returns calls and emails on an immediate basis and provides detailed, informative information regarding case status and options. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of services Frank has provided and the results that he has achieved."

Gerardo Muro
  • Gerardo Muro
  • President - Bay Ready Mix & Supplies, Inc.

"Prior to consulting Frank I had been represented in a litigation by several attorneys, including some big names at large firms, all of whom had failed to properly handle my case. After my first meeting with Frank, I knew things would be different.  It was immediately apparent that Frank was sincere and had the utmost integrity. He made sure my concerns and goals regarding my case were fully understood and he was candid regarding the possible outcome. I left feeling that I was in good hands, and had finally found an attorney I could trust and was totally comfortable with. As the matter went forward, Frank was always on top of the situation. He was easily and readily accessible, straight forward and clear on every minute detail. He worked in a very orderly and responsible manner which kept the case moving smoothly and unnecessary costs down. Frank succeeded where the other attorneys had failed.  I was pleased with the results of my action, which resulted in a $500,000.00 settlement that Frank made sure was fully secured and paid off completely. Our relationship extends to the present, and I would never have the slightest hesitation to engage him again if the need arose, or to recommend him to someone in need of a trustworthy attorney. He is a gentleman and pleasure to work with."

James R Rullo
  • James R Rullo
  • President - Skies America Publishing Company

"I contacted Frank Monteleone after our Oregon-based company was served with a lawsuit filed by a much-larger New York competitor intent on putting us out of business. Our adversary was represented by one of the large New York law firms. Being a small, privately-held company with limited resources, this lawsuit was extremely serious and its motivation and outcome very personal to our management and staff. A negative outcome would have had serious repercussions. Our company's decision to retain Frank was based on his calm and personable demeanor and rational evaluation of the case. He understood our situation from a practical business perspective, and proposed a course of action based on our goal of getting the suit dismissed within our budget constraints. Frank succeeded in getting the suit dismissed just as we had discussed, and then succeeded in doing so again a few months later when the same company tried to reopen the original suit. Ultimately, Frank helped us negotiate an amicable business settlement with the other company that actually resulted in some additional business for us. Frank was always available when we needed him, and promptly responded to phone calls and information requests. His integrity and honesty are beyond reproach, and I highly recommend his services."

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