This firm was founded upon the belief that high quality legal representation should not be limited to Fortune 500 companies. At the law office of Frank J. Monteleone, we are committed to providing legal services of the highest order, traditionally only available to the largest organizations, to smaller companies and individuals without the prohibitive cost usually charged by larger firms. When you come to this firm, you will work directly with a highly experienced attorney who will be fully responsible for all aspects of your legal matter and completely responsive to you. We will work closely with you to understand your objectives and to develop a plan for their achievement.

ValuesOur Core Values


to the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional expertise



this firm solves the problems of individuals and companies efficiently and effectively



each client and case will receive the personal attention of a highly experienced attorney who will guide you to practical, cost-efficient solutions and will assist you in attaining your objectives

About the Firm

FirmAbout the Firm

Frank J. Monteleone has over twenty-five years of experience representing businesses and individuals in their most complex and challenging legal matters. The primary focus of this firm’s practice is litigation. Mr. Monteleone has extensive experience in all phases of civil and commercial litigation, including trial and appellate practice in state and federal courts. In addition, the firm regularly counsels both businesses and individual clients in various aspects of general business, corporate and commercial matters.

Among the substantive areas in which we have experience are the following:

Business Disputes and Litigation

Business and Commercial Law

Corporate and Partnership Disputes

Breach of Contract

Employment Matters

Intellectual Property

General Counsel Services

StoryOur Results Tell the Story

Over the years, our focus and determination have allowed us to resolve for many clients some of their most challenging and intractable problems, in many instances doing so after other attorneys failed to resolve the matter. A summary of some of these matters is listed among the firm’s Representative Matters.

PracticesClient Service Policies and Practices

Our relationship with our clients is based upon principles of mutual respect, reciprocal trust and complete candor in all communications. We take great pride in the legal services we offer and subscribe to the Statement of Client’s Rights. An engagement letter is provided for all legal services (see Rule Regarding Written Letters of Engagement).

We work hard for our clients, representing them vigorously and diligently. We will keep you fully informed of the progress of your matters. We endeavor to answer all phone calls or emails within two hours, and in all instances will return your call within twenty-four hours.

FirmWhy Choose This Firm

What truly distinguishes this practice is the individual attention only a sole practitioner can deliver. At this firm, every client receives the direct, personal attention of an experienced attorney who will handle every aspect of your legal matter from inception through conclusion. This close working relationship means you will always know who is responsible for the progress of your matter, and you will always have one person to call who will be fully knowledgeable about your matter and able to respond to your inquiries. It also means that we will achieve a deeper understanding of your objectives and will be better able to anticipate your needs.

The individual attention you will receive here cannot be matched by larger firms, where your matter will likely be handled by one or more less experienced associates, and not one of the more experienced attorneys that may have initially attracted you to the firm. At the larger firms, the reality for the smaller business is that your legal matter will not be that firm’s priority regardless of how important your legal matter is to you, unless you are important to the firm.

“At this firm, every client and every case receives my direct personal attention. I have worked in large law firms and I regularly litigate against them. I have found that having one experienced attorney handle every aspect of a case from inception through conclusion is far more efficient and consistently yields better results than having your legal affairs shuffled among different attorneys, none of whom grasp the full picture. The superior focus and clarity that an experienced and fully informed attorney can bring to a matter more than compensates for the greater manpower of larger firms.

Your important legal matters deserve your attorney’s best effort. At this firm, I guarantee you will receive it.”

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